Branded cleaning van


Davsis Cleaning Ltd may have only been established for a relatively short time, since 2019. We have been providing high-end commercial cleaning services to businesses and organisations across a wide range of different sectors. Our cleaners are fully trained in all aspects of cleaning, appropriate to the sector so that your business premises are always spotless and hygienic. Whatever rules and regulations are in place, we will work in line with them.

While it’s true our attention to detail, comprehensive skills and highly training professional cleaners that draws clients to us, it’s not the only reason why we keep securing long-term contracts. It’s the fact that we are incredibly reliable and trustworthy that we have an especially strong reputation. Clients in all the sectors we operate in, but especially those like offices and education, value our discretion. When our clients trust us, it allows us to deliver the high spec cleaning services they are looking for with no hassle or complaints. We have a comprehensive screening process in place that ensures all our cleaners are security checked to put you fully at ease when using our services on your business premises.


At Davsis Cleaning Ltd, we appreciate that when you run an organisation or company, there are a lot of things that require your time, energy, and attention. Rather than taking time out from their already busy schedules, don’t assign in-house members of staff cleaning assignments. Instead, hire us and we will take care of all cleaning in your workplace. We will not cut corners and our highly trained cleaning teams will provide the same level of service each time they visit your business premises.

As your contracted professional cleaning provider, we will always stay in close contact and have made it easy to speak to one of our team at all times. This helps to ensure that we are always meeting your cleaning and hygiene needs, even when they change and evolve with time. It doesn’t matter even if you need a service or specific task carried out that we have not agreed to beforehand. Simply get in contact with us and we can add it to the schedule.

We have worked hard to position ourselves as a trustworthy and reliable provider of professional cleaning that offers exceptional value for money.